August 14th

7:30 PM • Wagner Dance Building, Studio 3

Allyson Green Dance and Lux Boreal Contemporanea Danza  "Sur les trace des noces"
“Sur les traces des noces” is a work created by Allyson Green in collaboration with the Tijuana dance company Lux Boreal and San Diego dancers. With an original score by British composer Alan Stones, the dance takes a contemporary look following in the footsteps of the iconic folk wedding of Igor Stravinsky’s Les Noces. Mexican and Russian folk dance steps are contrasted and transformed in a celebration of community and individual dreams for love.  Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes creates a poetic sonic environment to consider the passage of time.  Costumes by Alina Bokovikova.
August 16th

"Solo Logic"
Wagner Dance Building, Studio 3

Yolande Snaith IMAGOmoves
"100 Feet"

7:30 pm

"Solo Logic"

Premiered in 2011 at Tipperary Dance Platform, Solo Logic is a dance solo with video, and a public window into the privacy of a dancer. It is instinctive, sensitive, and if it is logical, it has to be Solo Logic. Solo Logic emerged with a decision to stop following usual patterns of movement, aiming to reset the balance between energy and fineness, between, skills and sensitiveness...

Sometimes transparent, sometimes reflective, the video projection is treated like a window: it gives insights into the origins of the movements, but also acts as dual partner in the solo configuration, reflecting the silent inner violence that sometimes affects our intimacy.

« My body started to alter. So I had to search a new road to draw a continuity line from my memory into the future, to redirect my original “fall and bounce” style towards a different approach. Unprotected voices surfaced that could welcome contradiction, dig out locked up chests, betray ready-made images. When they exposed ambiguous intimate spaces, I felt I was finally speaking with my own voices »

"100 Feet" performed by Yolande Snaith

100 FEET is a solo dance theatre performance, created in collaboration with video artist Natalia Valerdi. 50 pairs of shoes in a snow white space evoke the mysterious presences of 50 seminal women, who left their distinctive footprints. Dancing and talking to herself, to the mundane, the divine, the real, the imagined and the impossible, Yolande Snaith negotiates past, present and future existences. " I used to be Snow White" she says," I am incapable of conceiving infinity" she thinks, "forever is composed of nows" she feels. She has a surrealist taste for quotations and an absurd fascination with gesture. She has an obsession with shoes. She likes to dress up and strives to strip down. She dwells in possibility.

This new work explores a constantly shifting persona, a search for the self through the other, a journey through the resonance of past idols and extraordinary minds, from Joan of Arc to Gertrude Stein to Marilyn Monroe to Pina Bausch. Through their own words and images, the solo performer re-inhabits , re-imagines and re-animates their passions , humor, visions and poetry.

100 FEET premiered in San Diego, during the Archive Fever Series at UAG, March 2011, and will be presented again in fall 2012 - at Space4Art, San Diego, October 26 & 27, 2012    www.imagomoves.com

August 18






Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific Meditation
Site-Specific Art-Music-Performance improvisations
at Scripps Coastal Reserve


Cal-Laboratory Kitchen artists create a site-specific improvisation event which investigates the unique landscape, flora, and fauna contained within the Scripps Coastal Reserve led by visual artist Peter Terezakis who created the Sacred Sky Sacred Earth series of works.
Guest artists: John Flood and George Willis